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Daily Rune Pull January 22, 2019 - Perth

Truly, a cycle within our lives is ending opening the space for our expansion into a new experience. We have much to learn on this new Path. Release any resistance to growth now. Perth is the Rune of the initiate, of chance and new cycles beginning. Trying to hold on to what was will only prolong the discomfort of rebirth. Release and allow, that is my message for today friends.

When Perth is drawn expect the unexpected. At the center of the cycle of initiation, Perth puts us on notice that nothing outside ourselves is of importance, except as it shows us our inner Truth. This is a time of moving forward on Faith while keeping our vision inward.

Time to seek out those who have gone before us, for their Wisdom and experience. Today, Spirit has brought us the Rune Perth for our daily guidance. Perth is a Rune of the Initiate. Perth hints at things unseen and unknowable from our current vantage point. When the energy of Perth enters our lives we need to be ready for opportunity and change that takes us in a totally new direction. There is an element of chance involved with Perth that may cause some to fear. At the start of any new cycle we sometimes fear the chance of failure, of not being smart enough, or strong enough or worthy of the challenge. This fear is misplaced, the powers that bring us to the point of advancement and growth have already seen our potential and trust in our success. No one brings a person to the place of initiation to see them fail or waste their time. Your success is assured if you but make the effort to move forward.

As you move through your day today stay aware of the fact you are not in this alone. While your present position way not have the appearance of surety, you have all the guidance and assistance you require. You do not have to do this alone.

Accept the help of those who have walked before, they are willing and able to assist you on this path.

The Phoenix is often associated with Perth as this is a time of renewal as well as the beginning of a new cycle. Like the Phoenix our passage is sometime not without pain. From the ashes of old ways of being springs forth a new version of ourselves, greater, more beautiful than we could have ever imagined prior to the trials we endure. So embrace the change, the new opportunities and give yourself wholly to the experience. You cannot ever fall backwards when Spirit guides your steps. Welcome to the new you.

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