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The Rune Souls Path® Reading is completed only once in a person’s life. This reading describes in detail the purpose of one’s life, the reason we chose to be born when, and where and to whom we came.

Your Rune Souls Path® answers 6 critical questions regarding your life:

  • What is my Nature?

  • Why was I Born?

  • What is my Vocation?

  • What is my Destiny?

  • What is my Burden?

  • What is my Unified Self?

Knowing the answers to these questions may change everything.

Often, when we discover the reasons we chose this life, the choices we have unconsciously used to create our past and present circumstances become clear. With this insight comes a new perspective and the knowing that we are able to make conscious choices regarding every aspect of our lives. This permits and empowers us to step into the creation of an expansive life experience.

Consciously choosing the Path of Least Resistance empowers us to experience Life flowing through us, instead of happening to us.

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