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The Viking Rune Readings

Ancient Wisdom Providing Guidance Today 

About the Runes

The earliest records we have of the Viking Runes being used for divination purposes dates back to approximately 850 BCE.

The Viking Runes are one of the oldest forms of divination that we currently have record of. The 24 Runes together are referred to as The Elder Futhark with a 25th blank Rune added for divination purposes.


The Viking Runes always describe Right Action from the perspective of the Soul.

The Viking Runes have a rich and highly detailed history. The meaning of each symbol represents an archetypal energy that are each an individual aspect of our world. In combination the Viking Runes are able to connect with the Higher Consciousness of those employing the Runes to  answer our queries and provide the guidance of the Soul.

Historically The Viking Runes have been used in many different ways for thousands of years. When used as a tool of divination the Runes always describe the Soul's Path, The Path of Least Resistance in our lives.

Rian has been working with the Runes for over 20 years and offers several types of Rune readings either in person or online.  Find out how the Runes can help you.


Rune Life Path® readings will answer five important questions to assist you in determining Right Action in any situation:  What is most important to focus on right now? What challenges will I face moving forward?  What is Right Action in regard to those specific challenges? What is the cost of growth?  Where will this growth take me?

The Rune Soul's Path® reading is completed once in a lifetime.  This reading answers six primary questions from the perspective of the Soul.  What is my nature?  Why was I born?  What is my vocation?  What is my destiny?  What Limits me?  What is my unified self? 

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