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Daily Rune Pull January 11, 2019 - Wunjo

No matter your current experience, ask this question always, How does it get any better than this? Stay focused on what you desire and keep what you do not desire at your back. Are you ready to receive?

Wunjo is a Rune of Joy and Light. It is the fruit bearing branch representing gifts from Spirit, not for what we have done but for who we have chosen to be. The energy of Wunjo is as 'warm and fuzzy' as anything Viking will ever be.

Know that you are at a point of transformation. The gifts you have awaited are ready to be received; you too are ready to receive the gifts. The journey has been long and the growth has been uncomfortable at times. Yet here you are ready to receive the gifts of Spirit into your Life. Abundance in all forms, thought, word and deed may now be received into your experience.

On this day represented by Wunjo make sure to express your appreciation for all that prompts you to be the expression of Joy. Know that your focus on being joyous is creating your experience. The fulfillment of your dreams and desires is ready and waiting for you to allow the expression of Joy.

Your transformation is complete. Everything you require to be joyous, to be fulfilled, to be the Light is aligned with your intentions and ready to be chosen. So today rest assured in the fact that Joy and Fulfillment and Light are yours. There more we allow ourselves to accept Wunjo into our experience, the more Joy there will be to experience. Focus on Joy, focus on Fulfillment. What do those things feel like to you? Now, look for that feeling in everything you do.

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