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Daily Rune Pull November 13, 2018 - Jera

Wait for it, wait for it... Jera has been placed before us as a reminder that all effort produces results. Sometimes, those results are not what we intended, but they are always what we actually believe to be true.

Jera is a Rune of fortunate outcomes, of a bountiful harvest and the completion of cycles. You have done the work, tended to your Soul, learned to Love yourself as well as others and released fear. The need to continue experiencing that which you do not choose to be has come to an end. In mundane endeavors, the same holds true, for as above so below. Rejoice that the end of your toil is at hand. Allow everything to come to completion in its own time.

Just as the farmer cannot force the crops to grow faster we cannot hasten the natural cycles that all creation follows. Truly though, your time has come. This is the time of the harvest that has come from the effort you have put into becoming who you are right now. Continuing to focus effort on changing the natural ebb and flow of our reality will only prolong the outcome you seek. Be still now. Tend to that which is in your control and leave to the Universe that which you cannot, in this moment, control.

As you go through your day today keep in mind that everything has it's season and every season comes and goes in it's own time. Patience is the lesson of Jera today.

Sit back and let it be. There is nothing in your Life today that requires your interference. Everything is as it should be. Enjoy the fruits of your labors, be they Spiritual, mental or physical. Because Jera is now a part of your day understand that your success is assured when you get out of your own way and wait on your will be be manifested in your experience.

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