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Daily Rune Pull September 26, 2018 - Dagaz

Two days in a row! What can we choose differently now that we didn't even see as a possibility before today? Dagaz represents transformation and change, a new dawn or new day is dawning. It is this that we may focus on today for maximum benefit. Dagaz is a Rune of breakthrough. When the energy of Dagaz is in our lives we are at a place of new beginnings, the dawn of a new stage or cycle in our lives. Like a sunrise in the mountains you are leaving a period of night and the new day is dawning. Dagaz often follows a time of extended struggle, wrestling with our shadow, and always seeing darkness in every corner. The arrival of Dagaz opens the door to a new, fresh outlook free of the cold and dark emotions of our Spiritual and mental night. Dagaz brings very rapid expansion in our lives, the start of new periods always follows the drawing of Dagaz.

As you move through your day today stay alert for the new opportunities around you. The long night is over and a new day has begun. Embrace this day, as it is perfect.


This is a time of great transformation in our Lives. Be careful not to collapse yourself into what appears to be immediate success. Your success is ultimately tied to your belief regarding your success. While transformation is inevitable at this point remaining clear about and focused on the Source of our achievements assures an internal focus. Success and Transformation spring from within, not from without. While the evidence of our growth is often displayed externally, the source of our transformation is always internal.

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