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Daily Rune Pull September 19, 2018 - Kano Merkstave

It is never possible to recreate the past, as we are forever changed when we move through each moment. We may never again become what we were, that is gone. Rather than fight to defeat the present moment we must turn our attention forward and begin to imagine, to describe and to feel who we wish to be.

Kano merkstave puts us on notice that an old way of being is passing from our lives. People, places and/or things that no longer serve us are passing away from our world. There may even appear to be a brief darkening of the Light around a specific subject that was formerly near and dear to our hearts.

At this time it is critical that we allow what no longer serves our Soul's purpose, be it people places or things, to leave in their own time and manner. Do not cling to the old, as that part of your Life is now only a memory. If communication seems difficult today it is due to the fact that there is nothing left to say. Your growth is assured at this, the beginning of a new cycle.

Be content to be empty for a time as you become aware of your new reality. Kano reversed does not need to be a time of darkness, but we need to be sure we are looking to the Light, not to a memory of the way things used to be. Very soon, once you have truly released the need for things to be 'the same as they ever were' what is now true will become clear to you.

All endings are new beginnings, always. When we remain open to Spirit in a time of trial we are given an inner illumination that allows us to clearly see our Path. Today we bring to a close an old way of being with ourselves and the reality we have created.

Do not close yourself of to the challenges of this day, rather embrace change as you are now ready to move forward with clear sight and an acceptance of what is. Do not focus on what was, it is time to allow these things to pass from our perceptions to be replaced by an even brighter Light.

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