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Daily Rune Pull September 17, 2018 - Thurisaz Merkstave

Eyes wide open, is the advice I give when this aspect of Thurisaz shows its face. We fight so hard not to see our Shadow. We have been taught that "What we can't see. can't hurt us", that what we deny will go away. It is time to honestly and lovingly look closely at our Shadow. Not to judge ourselves for what we have done wrong, but to empower ourselves to release old ways of being that do not serve our growth. Let. It. Go.

Thurisaz is a Rune of Transformation, a Rune that allows us to leave behind an old way of Being and of seeing the world. However, today we chose Thurisaz in the Merkstave position, a position of resistance.

Thurisaz provides a gateway to transformation and that gateway only goes one way, forward. This is the Rune of Thor, a rune of triumph and of foes vanquished. Thor was the champion of Midgard, Earth and Humanity. The greatest enemy Thor defeated were the Frost Giants, representative of Darkness, fear, hate and suffering, betrayal and deceit. The Frost Giants were and are, our Shadow. Today we will create for ourselves ample opportunity to stare our Shadow in the face. All that we perceive and judge is pointing to those things that remain hidden within us. What we see in others today that causes us to recoil, to rebel and to resist are the very subjects that we must root from the shadows within our own hearts, our minds and our physical lives.

This day is our creation. Through active choices and choosing to actively turn a blind eye from our own issues we create our world. Through conscious and unconscious choice we create our own world and co-create with every other Soul. When we pull Thurisaz Merkstave we have reached a point where what we truly believe to be true and what we state we desire to be true can no longer coexist. It is time to choose. Choose with your heart, choose with compassion, choose to forgive yourself for every choice you have made, consciously and unconsciously that has allowed you to create and co-create that which you judge so harshly today. Use your shadow to clearly determine what has and has not worked to allow you to Be who you truly choose to be. Release the resistance you feel toward others today, for truly what you resist persists. As long as we choose to stand and resist what is, we fail to create the difference we wish to see.

Acknowledge your pain, forgive the choices that created this reality and take inspired action to both Be the change and then Do what that change requires. Your Soul can no longer abide a time of compromising your Truth, a Life on autopilot merely getting by then finding fault outside the Self for a life and a world judged as inadequate to your desires.

Let go of judgement, resistance and fear. Choose to embody the changes you wish to experience. When we step through the gateway created by Thurisaz we step into freedom. None of the old baggage, none of your old image of yourself may pass through this gateway. When the door shuts all limitation that previously defined us is released. You cannot look back. When on the Path of the Soul you are always headed into the Light, Shadow is always cast behind you.

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