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Daily Rune Pull September 4, 2018 - Berkano Merkstave

Stay aware and alert to this energy. Berkano Merkstave may be a vexing energy to deal with, however, take the lessons of this day to heart. You will be given ample opportunity today to identify where resistance still controls your thoughts.

Berkano is a Rune of new growth and new beginnings; when received in the merkstave position we find ourselves resisting the very thing we say we desire. When reversed Berkano allows us to identify and rectify our resistance to change. Often we put much energy into change, into being more than we have been before, into expansion and growth. Yet when what we desire appears to us in a manner we do not expect or comes from a person, place or thing we previously held judgments about or against we resist that change.

Look closely today at those circumstances that are most frustrating to you. Open to the possibility that the change you desire will come from an unexpected source, the opportunity you seek arrives from a different direction than you anticipated. Berkano reversed often illustrates our points of resistance that are still anchored in fear or a refusal to trust our intuition. When we release judgement of others we often find who we thought was an enemy has always been a friend with a radically different perspective than ours. Today is the day to let go of judgment and reach for discernment instead.

When you find your best efforts rebuffed, your finest work unappreciated or your desire for new growth thwarted, today is the day to turn your gaze inward and take an honest look to see if it is you who are sabotaging your growth do to your need for proof a thing is real. Sometimes the growth we seek appears from an unexpected direction. Do not allow your Ego to stall your progress due to your lack of experience.

If you seek a new opportunity you need to go where you have never been before. Berkano reversed is alerting you to your own doubts and fears. Be gentle with yourself, honor your fears and release them. They are wonderful indicators that the opportunity for a new beginning is at hand. We fear the unknown and within the unknown is Birth. Allow yourself to Trust that your Path is true. Move forward with confidence today and allow your resistance to change to be the launching point to a glorious new you. Remember, what you resist persists, what you allow flows to you with ease.

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