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Daily Rune Pull July 5, 2018 - Sowelo

Today we have reached a place where we may make a choice. A choice to look to the Sun, or a choice to remain struggling in the dark. What do you choose?

Today we receive A day of the Sun, represented in our lives by the rune Sowelo.

The energy of Sowelo represents Completion, Wholeness, Personal Power, Honor, Courage and Authenticity. Sowelo is a Rune of the Sun, a masculine energy that boldly follows Right Action.

It is not the attainment of these things from outside glories that is spoken of in Sowelo, but the constant expression of these qualities from within ourselves. Wholeness does not mean perfection, it comes from an awareness of who we truly are in this moment. Acceptance of who we are without limitation. This is where we may clearly choose who we are in the next moment without the baggage of the past .

When Sowelo shows up in your Life it is time to put down any goal except that of being Whole, understanding there is nothing you are missing, nothing you need to do, you were born a Divine Being and will always remain as such. Now, live into that image with courage, honor and a determination to allow all things to be whole in and of themselves. It is your journey that matters and is all that you are here to experience. Sowelo holds within it the power of creation and destruction.

In this World there is no creation without 1st taking the energy from somewhere else. In order to build a house we must destroy a tree for wood. When we build roads and our walls to separate each other we tear down mountains and gouge the Earth for stone. When humans build of their own power it requires destruction preceding creation.

Within our own Divine Nature is the energy to create infinitely without the need to take from anything else. When Sowelo enters our Life we have the power to create whatever we desire without the loss of anything else. Sowelo frees us from our mortal tethers and for a time we are able to create our lives with Divine energy, Wisdom and Compassion. This is our Birthright, an integral part of our Nature.

Be Whole and the world is yours, truly today we are complete. Move through this day confident in your Divinity. We have today, the Authority to create our dreams, the Wisdom to do so in Love and the ability to bring into Being our heart's desire without the fear that has previously driven us.

Today we step into our power. Today we may choose completion.

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