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Daily Rune Pull March 12th, 2018 - Mannaz

Today we have been given Mannaz as our guidance. Mannaz is the Rune of The Self. It's energy is that of balance and reflection. Mannaz represents the entirety of our Being, the Light and the Shadow. Without a full and unconditional Love for ourselves, for the All of us, we may never truly Love another. This is a call from the Soul to carefully, openly and honestly look at all of the elements of who we are and who we choose to be.

Bring Light to the Shadow and accept your part in every event that has transpired in your Life. Mannaz brings a time of introspection that is a true healing. There is nothing hidden from the Spiritual Warrior and nothing is denied. Mannaz makes it possible to accept and even to seek out full responsibility for our Lives.

This is not a call for Ego or fear or arrogance over achievements; no matter how great your success has been. Neither is it a call to curse those times and events that are less than pleasing to us. This is truly the time to take responsibility for our Lives without judgment against ourselves. Mannaz brings self Love in a way that promotes balance and growth. Look as deeply as you can today and see the Divinity within.

On a more mundane level use the awareness of our duality today to take another look at the challenges you may face in your day to day world. How many of the problems, struggles or issues that you are dealing with are a reflection of what you fear?

Look carefully at these issues to be very clear whether it is caused by an actual circumstance that will cause difficulty or a projection of what you think 'might' happen. Always choose the path that feels better, this is the Path of Least resistance, the Path of the Soul. What feels better may not be what is easiest but it is always what is Right Action from the perspective of the Soul.

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