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Daily Rune Pull January 22, 2018 - Kano

We have not seen this Rune in the forward position since last June. About time!

Kano is a Rune of opening and acceptance. It also represents a torch. When we receive Kano in a single pull it always portends an opening, a lessening of the darkness that has surrounded some issue in our lives. It means we are now free of (karma, cause and effect, momentum, etc.) thus free to accept gifts in our experience and ready to feel the joy of non-attached giving.

With the opening brought by Kano there is seriousness required in our goals, a clarity of purpose we have not previously enjoyed. This hyper focus is required at the beginning of new cycles to assure the start has sufficient energy to carry through to the conclusion. As we start the week do so with a renewed determination to achieve your goals, no matter the obstacles. Kano brings opening and acceptance which creates an inner light that illuminates the path forward. While this inner vision does not remove the obstacles we place in our way it clears away any shadows, any doubts we may have regarding our path. This is the torch spoken of with Kano, the Inner Light that illuminates the Soul.

We are well and truly blessed today to begin the day with a renewed clarity. Sometimes it is necessary to change direction for a time, to rejoin the Path of Least Resistance.

Today is an opportunity to clarify our goals, open to the truth of our creative power and accept that attaining our desires is a choice, not something we may do but the result of who we choose to be. Namaste my friends. And Thank You for taking the time to understand these messages from Source.

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