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Daily Rune Pull ~ January 19th, 2018 Wyrding Rune, Odin's Rune, The Blank

Hang on to your seats folks. It begins. Today we have been given Odin's Rune, The Blank Rune. This is a day of choices, made manifest.

The Blank Rune signifies contact with the Divine in our lives. It is limitless potential without the need of expectation. It is the beginning and the end, it is all that is, has ever been and all that ever will be.

When the Blank is drawn we are at a crossroads and all the choices ahead are inspired. Take advantage of this day to step squarely on The path of the Soul. This is a day when no dream is too big, when our desires become reality. There is nothing we must do at this time but be grateful we have come through that long dark night and emerged 'more'; more than we ever thought possible, more than we dared to hope. Dream big today and step right into it.

The Blank also signifies an opportunity to leave behind whatever does not serve you. Claim your Destiny this day, the Blank is the Destiny Rune.

Not some far off goal, but your true path. Today, be who you choose to be, free of doubt or the limitations of a World that believes it is separate from all else. Today you may end what no longer serves you, begin to be who you choose, claim your birthright: Freedom to Love without limitation or fear. Today you are the center.

Shine as bright as a star today you are supported by the will of God, Creation is in your grasp.

Who do you choose to be?

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