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Daily Rune Pull April 19th, 2017 - Raidho Merkstave

This is the 1st time I have pulled this Rune in the Merkstave position since I began doing these Rune pulls two years ago. It seems there is NOTHING we are unwilling to resist, nothing we are unwilling to deny the reality of. We are consistent!

When you receive Raidho Merkstave you are often at a point where your journey feels blocked. That somehow all your efforts are thwarted, that all you attempt to achieve slips away from you, staying outside your grasp. In every situation where you find our attention brought to Raidho reversed you will also find you have allowed your focus to shift from the present moment to what once was or what might occur in the future.

The journey is always in the present moment, and when Raidho appears in the Merkstave position you have lost sight of the present. Upon careful examination, you find that you have indeed, and in deed, allowed what ‘should have been’ or ‘what may be’ to have eclipsed our experience of ‘what is’. This disconnect from our present moment, our journey, causes you to fall into the Ego trap of fear, guilt, and judgement, of anxiety and worry. When you regain our awareness of what is, rather than the distraction of what should be, you also regain our ability to simply allow our experience of the journey as you perceive it, without the need for control. It is our need for control, and the impossibility of attaining complete control that has created the feelings of blockage that perfectly defines this Rune in its reversed position.

Raidho Merkstave alerts you to the utility of pausing for a moment to allow your focus to return to the present, to what is, allowing you to again choose who you wish to be in regard to whatever situation in which you currently find ourselves. When you allow our energies to calm, our attention to return to the present you will then be able to act in a manner that moves your forward to the next moment without apparent blockage. It is our resistance to what is that always creates our suffering, frustration and pain. Letting go of our resistance to the moment permits you to again live from a place of choice rather than feeling you have no choice.

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