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Daily Rune Pull March 31st, 2017 - Nauthiz Merkstave

I sit here, slowly shaking my head. Reality is what we believe to be true. Always, no matter what we say we desire, the Universe gives us what we truly believe. Look around you. Things are the way they are because this is what we believe is true about us. Resisting what is, is futile. This is what we have created. Now, own it. Then we may begin the process of transformation.As long as we blame others for our reality we are powerless to change it.

Today, know that it is your Shadow at work, helping you discern and define what you are resisting. This is our creation, individually and collectively. What are you pushing against?

Nauthiz Merkstave is a particularly vexing Rune to receive, it operates through awareness of our own resistance to circumstances in which we find ourselves. That resistance will also be the root cause of the suffering, the powerful longing we feel for things to be other than they are. Any time we receive a Rune in the Merkstave position we are being put on notice that it is our own resistance to current circumstances that is the primary cause of our current dilemmas. What is, is. It is that simple. We have entered a period of extreme contrast when we receive Nauthiz reversed.

Today we are given Nauthiz to consider as we meet each situation that we have drawn to ourselves. Nauthiz represents Necessity, Constraint and sometimes Pain. Do not let this seem foreboding to you, for Nauthiz makes it possible to recognize our Shadow. Nauthiz teaches us the necessity of learning from the Constraints we have created to our Path; giving us advance warning that the results of our previous choices are now coming into play.

Today would be the perfect opportunity to step back a little to gain a broader perspective on our current circumstances. Nauthiz always provides us with the opportunity to make a choice. Do we choose to struggle and insist that things be other than they are or do we choose to find the path of least resistance? Do we choose pain and discomfort by resisting our current reality or do we choose to bend with the wind like the willow, never losing our strong connection to our world while stilling bending and moving with the forces of nature.

We are in a time of cleansing, and it is up to us to decide if we release our old ideas of what serves us and accept that circumstances we cannot control have changed our world. Nauthiz also gives us the opportunity to choose to resist what is and in so doing provides us with the suffering we require to fully release our shadow. Have no doubt though, we are working with our Shadow today. With the parts of us that resonate with the problems we perceive around us. Nauthiz gives us the needed perspective to ask the question, what part of this 'trouble' touches a raw nerve in me?

What part of me requires healing to make it possible to exist without fear in this energy? What am I resisting that reminds me of a time when I acted, thought or chose something similar. What do I fear?

Walking the Path of the Soul is always, without fail, the path of least resistance. Suffering and discomfort are not the same thing. Discomfort is always temporary, suffering is the choice to resist that which we find uncomfortable. Nauthiz puts us on notice that suffering is the resistance to what is, acceptance of our 'constraints' is necessary to allow those things to pass. Struggle against the shadow only brings suffering as we stay focused on what we no longer prefe

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