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Daily Rune Pull March 30th, 2017 - Wunjo Merkstave

I have stated often in the last few months, just how amazing it is that I have seen so many Merkstave Runes pulled. Since last November Runes in the Merkstave (dark stave, or, dark rune) position have increased to about 70% of the Runes pulled. It is very important to realize that over the last 20 years, the time I have been practicing Runemal, Merkstave Runes seldom came up. The percentage was very low and usually in relation to an individual struggling on their Path. A 70% pull rate is unheard of, truly unheard of. Please look for my Blog post titled, "The Crucible of 2017", where I discuss in length this most unusual of circumstances.

Today we have been given Wunjo Reversed as a point of focus. Wunjo is the Rune of Joy, Light and gifts received. Wunjo in the Merkstave or reversed position denotes a challenging aspect to those gifts and Joy.

Without fail when I see Wunjo reversed I am alerted to the resistance that exists to accepting that Joy. What in you is not yet convinced of your worthiness to receive Joy, Light and/or gifts from Spirit? What last bit of resistance needs to be brought out into the Light to eliminate any resistance to Joy? These are the questions to look to today when you meet anything that dims the Light in your life.

Know that you are at a point of transformation. The gifts you have awaited are ready to be received; you too are ready to receive the gifts. The journey has been long and the growth has been uncomfortable at times. Yet here you are ready to receive the gifts of Spirit into your Life. Abundance in all forms, thought , word and deed may now be received into your experience.

When we release all forms of resistance, all forms of Joy may enter our experience. When we allow that which we desire to come to us, without doubts and fears, we are able to nourish the child within. It is the inner child that allows us to release petty concerns of the world, judgments we hold against ourselves and accept the gifts we have requested.

Ground yourself well today in the energies of nature. Sink barefooted into the Earth and give thanks for all you have. Without proper appreciation for the blessing we already enjoy we are unable to open ourselves sufficiently to receive all Spirit has in store for us.

Release your resistance, let it go

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