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Daily Rune Pull February 3rd, 2017 - Ehwaz Merkstave

What we resist, persists. Today I pulled Ehwaz, merkstave. Ehwaz is a Rune of movement, always progressive movement. When the energy of Ehwaz is active in our lives every choice we make creates a progressive, forward movement to our goals and desires. Ehwaz always advances the Soul's Path. In the reversed position Ehwaz describes movement that appears to block our desires and our dreams.

Most often this apparent blockage stems from our own resistance to the circumstances in which we find ourselves, to our resistance to what is.Those times when all we do seems to work against the goals we believe are of value. When Ehwaz is reversed it is time to look at the actions we are taking and the thoughts we hold in regard to our current perceived circumstances. It is the perfect time to pause and honestly determine if we are insisting on an old idea of right, if we are compromising our true nature to fit into an old way of Being.

This is a time of not taking action until we are very clear on what we desire and of who we choose to be. Ehwaz merkstave encourages the pause that allows our momentum to return, the opportunity for a brief introspection to make minor course adjustments that ensure we reach our goals and experience our growth in a timely and positive manner. Then, the efforts we put forth will be inspired.

We are driven by fear and we are guided by Spirit. If you feel frustrated in your efforts right now, look closely; do you feel driven to accomplish a specific thing or do you feel you are gently drawn toward that goal? If you feel driven to accomplishment then stop and shine your Light on the fear that is driving you, allow compassion for yourself and everyone involved to redirect you to acceptance and gratitude. Then you are assured that all movement will be progressive, all movement will be inspired and your choices those that return you to the Soul’s Path. The Path of Least Resistance.

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