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Daily Rune Pull February 2nd, 2017 - Berkano

Amidst all the chaos and disruption that has heralded the beginning of a new Era we are reminded that all of this is to usher in a new beginning, a new cycle of growth and expansion. Berkano embodies the energy of Spring, of new beginnings and rapid growth. One of the cycle runes, Berkano heralds the beginning of a new cycle and always ushers in a period of new growth.

Understand as you go about your business today all of the 'ground-work' has been completed. You have tilled and planted and fertilized, cared for yourself and nurtured yourself. Now is the time to see the growth begin. The change you have been creating is at hand. Don't wait another minute to start that new project, say hello to that new person that has caught your eye and try that new 'thing' you have been considering. This is a day of new beginning.

Most importantly it is good for you to know that the energy of Berkano has been released due to your release of resistance. All that ever holds us back is our need to remain on familiar ground. Berkano is the release of resistance. What you desire is yours, not because you have earned it, not because you deserve it but because of who you are choosing to be without the resistance supplied by Ego.

This is the day to just be, be happy, be loving, be who you choose to be. Beingness is what today exemplifies.

There is nothing you must 'do' at the beginning of a new cycle, the work to get you here is complete. This does not mean there will be nothing to tend to as you move forward. All new growth requires some care if there are expectations of how it is to turn out. But not today.

Patience is also called for now. While this is the start of a new process or way of being, the word start carries with it the promise of more to come. Do not concern yourself today with tomorrow. Enjoy the energy this day brings to your life and make sure you show your gratitude for the gifts in your life. By appreciating where we are and what we have, the Universe is put on notice that more of this is desired. Enjoy. Appreciate. Be grateful. Tomorrow the work may begin anew, but today is already begun and all that is required of you is to Be who you have chosen to Be. Your new growth is assured.

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