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Daily Rune Pull January 9th, 2017 Uruz Merkstave

Today we are being challenged by the Rune Uruz, in the merkstave or reversed position. Uruz is a Rune of great strength. We are put on notice that challenges to our strength are at issue.

This Rune represents an animal known as the Aurochs. A gigantic beast similar to the buffalo or Ox. This animal was often used for its great strength but was never quite domesticated. Harnessing the Aurochs was a dangerous task as this animal could cause great harm and damage without any intent to do so.

Be aware of where you apply your strength today, be that physical, mental or spiritual. Be aware of those around you and stay focused in the moment. While there may truly be no intent to cause harm to another today be aware of just how powerful your will can be and make sure to apply your strength with full awareness of what you do. Accidental harm on this day could have results you neither intend nor desire.

Do not allow this to make you wary to act, that is not the message here.

Instead make sure you are keenly aware of each moment to allow yourself the luxury of responding to a situation rather than reacting out of surprise or frustration. The Aurochs had no natural enemies except humans. Now extinct, the Aurochs were hunted into

extinction when they could not be tamed. Make sure you are clear in your intent and aware of who you choose to be on this day. With proper attention to the present, your great strength will not add complication to your experience; instead you may apply that strength with acute awareness to solve any problem that arises today, rather than complicate issues that already exist.

Oh, and please watch your temper.

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