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Daily Rune Pull November 17th, 2016 - Laguz Merkstave

Expect some resistance when communicating how you feel today but do not blame yourself or another for this. Judgment against either party does little to facilitate open and honest communication.

Laguz itself represents flow, water, the ebb and flow of emotion in our lives. Laguz speaks to the Lunar side of our nature, the softer intuitive sensing of what is true in our lives. Whenever we are given Laguz we are being led to a more open and honest communication. Communication with others to be sure, but communication between our Higher Nature and ourselves is paramount at this time.

We are often taught that our feelings are to be overlooked for the benefit of another, while you may choose that as a viable response in many instances this is no the time to repress or ignore your true feelings about a thing.

Now, lets discuss this merkstave position. Laguz reversed often cautions us against emotional over-reach. Of attempting to push emotional boundaries we are not yet prepared to face. While this may be disappointing in the face of expectation an honest assessment of our rue feelings is called for. Often we allow our own boundaries to be breached for what we perceive as the benefit of another. This is not the time for this type of self-sacrifice. Ignoring how we feel, truly feel at this time is akin to emotional martyrdom. Honor your boundaries this day.

Also, we may feel a resistance to our attempts to communicate today, to express how we feel. This is not a shortcoming of another but a sign that we are unclear in regard to our feelings. Look inward to day and ask yourself the guiding question of the spiritual Warrior; Does this choice (thought, word or deed) allow me to be who I choose to be? Yes or No?

Allow yourself to receive today. Even a well runs dry from time to time. Care for your heart today. Accept the nurturing you offer to others and have compassion for your own heart.

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