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Daily Rune Pull November 3rd, 2016 - Mannaz Merkstave


Mannaz Merkstave Empathic Healings

Mannaz Merkstave occurs when we are feeling blocked in some way. It is very important at this time to turn our gaze and our questions inward. No one and nothing outside yourself is adequate to answer your questions.

Mannaz Merkstave demands we look at our resistance to the circumstances in which we feel blocked. Are we resisting the circumstance due to an insistence that things be different than they are? Do we feel blocked in our efforts because the results we are receiving or the responses from others are indeed other than what we insist must be? Is the future you see different than the one you tried to create? All of these questions and more must be asked right now. Merkstave always displays our Shadow, our resistance to what is and our insistence on being in control.

Mannaz also illustrates the folly of believing we have the depth of knowledge and wisdom to always be in control. It is at this time we are able to see that all our external problems stem from what we have been unwilling or previously unable to see within ourselves. A change of perspective leaving behind the victim and embracing our own responsibility for our lives is the solution.

This is also not a time to rely on past achievements, on how ‘it’s always been’. That in fact is part of the blockage you are currently experiencing. Release pride at this time and let the ego take a step back so the Ego has the chance to relax into what is, instead of fighting for what it thinks ‘should’ be. This is the time to surrender and allow, then and only then will your future flow to you with ease.

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