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Daily Rune Pull August 1, 2018 - Teiwaz Merkstave

We are truly in a time of ethical challenges, of dissonance in regard to our long-held truths.

Today we have received Teiwaz in the Merkstave position as our daily guidance. Today you are the Spiritual Warrior, challenged. Teiwaz is the Warrior Rune. Each of us have two distinct aspects to our nature in this Life. The physical and the Spiritual. The physical warrior sees everything outside themselves in one of two ways; something that they must conquer or something that will conquer them. The Spiritual warrior understands that nothing outside themselves can affect who they truly choose to be, that the only battle that really matters is inside each of us.

Teiwaz teaches us that the traits of the physical warrior are determination, honor, discipline and courage in the face of overwhelming adversity. The single defining trait of the Spiritual warrior is making all choices, all decisions and all thoughts, words and deeds based on Right Action from the perspective of the Soul. The physical warrior makes their choices based on what will bring them victory in battle. The Spiritual warrior makes all their choices based on the answer to a single question: Does this choice allow me to be who I truly choose to be. For the Spiritual Warrior knows beyond doubt , nothing external may determine who they choose to be in regard to any situation or circumstance in which they find themselves.

When we receive Teiwaz in the reversed, or Merkstave position we know that today will hold some tests for us. The Spiritual Warrior is always and in all ways, authentic. Authentic in their relationship to everything they encounter. Today you will face situations, people, places and things that will push your ethical limits.

Be true to who you choose to be today. Be authentic in the face of anything that is outside your acceptable perceptions. Remain aware of your choices and that you are indeed always at choice.

Today is an opportunity to walk your walk. Walk it with your head held high as you have grown to the point where outside pressures will not make you cave in for appearances sake. Be authentic, Be who you choose not what is chosen for you. Today you are the Spiritual Warrior, overcoming all obstacles by truly following the Path of the Soul.

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