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Daily Rune Pull June 19, 2018 - Teiwaz

Teiwaz is making it's bi-weekly appearance, we are being given ample opportunity to clearly define who we choose to be and make our choices to reflect our Truth rather than our programming. We have the opportunity to release our resistance to what is, and choose our Truth instead. No matter what Life serves up, understanding that all conflict originates from our thought about a thing allows us to go inward to make the changes we require. In this way we change the perspective that controls our reality. The Spiritual Warrior never truly fights, they simply shift perspective.

Today we have received Teiwaz as our daily guidance. We get to experience the difference between morality and ethics. Teiwaz is the Warrior Rune. Each of us have two distinct aspects to our nature in this Life. The physical and the Spiritual. The physical warrior sees everything outside themselves in one of two ways; something that they must conquer or something that will conquer them. The Spiritual warrior understands that nothing outside themselves can affect who they truly choose to be, that the only battle that really matters is inside each of us.

Teiwaz teaches us that the traits of the physical warrior are determination, honor, discipline and courage in the face of overwhelming adversity. The single defining trait of the Spiritual warrior is making all choices, all decisions and all thoughts, words and deeds based on Right Action from the perspective of the Soul. The physical warrior makes their choices based on what will bring them victory in battle. The Spiritual warrior makes all their choices based on the answer to a single question: Does this choice allow me to be who I truly choose to be, yes or no?

When Teiwaz appears look closely at the choices you are making. Are you choosing to be true to who you are or are you trying to please others expectations of you by

compromising who you choose to be? The situation we find ourselves in today requires determination, clarity and focus but most important, DO NOT compromise your true nature. The Path of the Soul is always voluntary, it is always the path of least resistance that allows us to be true to who we choose to be. When we answer the question, does this allow me to be who I choose to be, only as yes or no answer is appropriate. Maybe is no. Who will you choose to be today, in regard to the circumstance in which you find yourself?

As you make your choices today ask yourself one question: Does this (choice, thought, word or deed) allow me to be who I choose, to walk the Path of the Soul? Yes or No.

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