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Daily Rune Pull May 11, 2018 - Ansuz Merkstave

Complications in communication and expressing our Truth often arise when we lose touch or block our Intuitive knowing.

Today we have been given Ansuz, merkstave. Merkstave is the reversed position of a Rune. Ansuz translates literally as Utterance of God or from God's mouth. It is our connection to Divinity, our intuition that is to be the focus of our day today. In the reversed position Ansuz speaks to the difficulty we sometimes have of keeping that Divine connection at the forefront of our thoughts.

As energies gather and combine with the intent of elevation there is always a resistance from "what is". What is often loathes an increase in energy as it fears a loss of the power it currently controls. Relax, allow and stay centered. Not only will this pass, it will leave in it's wake a better experience for those who are willing to receive it.

Do not be surprised if communication seems difficult today, if the meanings of our words are misunderstood. It is our connection to intuition that 'fills in the blanks' for us in our daily lives. When that connection is limited in some way in is not unusual for our more mundane communication to suffer as well. As Light-workers we come to depend on our intuition without even thinking about it. when we are disconnected or blocked from our 'knowing' we find every aspect of our day to be a bit more difficult.

When you encounter resistance today, in communication as well as any other aspect of your day, take a moment to center. Go inside to find that quiet voice and heed what you feel from that source. Intellect alone will not help you today, a strong connection to your intuition, to the 'Utterance of God' is your ticket to a smooth and joyous day. The darkening you sense is only temporary and will lighten, when you do.

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