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Daily Rune Pull March 1st 2018 - Eihwaz

Today we are given Eihwaz as the energy to bring into every aspect of our Life. Eihwaz is a Rune of defense and the ability to turn danger away from our experience. It is not a Rune of aggressive energy or offensive action.

The defense provided by Eihwaz is directly proportional to the level of authenticity we are experiencing and to the lack of resistance to what is.

It is well understood that in the physical world opposites attract, good girl/bad boy, negative and positive, etc. In the metaphysical realms we exist at a much higher vibration; at that level of energy we see that like energies attract like energies. If we always focus on negativity, negative experience is drawn to us to allow our experience of that which we focus on(call to us, attract). When we focus on higher vibrational feeling, Love, Joy, Gratitude, Fulfillment we draw those experiences to us as well.

Eihwaz teaches us to always and in all ways live our Truth. When we live at all times in an authentic manner, expressing who we truly choose to be in every moment we will naturally draw to us people/places/things of a matching vibration. It is our attention to our inner ethical stance, our connection to intuition and the allowing of our true self to be expressed that can do nothing but keep us in a safe place, surrounded by people who Love us for who we choose to be not for what we pretend to be. This creates a space around us of perfect safety. We draw into our experience that which we believe is true.

So today, as you wind your way through all the experiences that come to you know and understand they are there because we create them, we draw all of our experiences to us. Express yourself truly today, say no when you mean it and yes when it feels right. Then see how your day goes. Now do this every day and the safety and defense provided by Eihwaz will be where you live. Do not resist the flow today, no matter what this day brings allow it to be without your interference or insistence that a thing be a certain way. Be very clear within yourself who you choose to be in relation to what is.

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