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Daily Rune Pull September 28th, 2017 - Uruz

Uruz is a Rune of great strength. Representing the Aurochs, a bison like beast this Rune portends great challenges that will allow us to discover the true depth of our strength.

The Aurochs was the largest beast in the Viking environment and as such had no natural enemies when healthy and strong. This provided a non-aggressive nature. When Uruz enters your day know that regardless of what occurs you have the strength to move through any challenge with no risk to yourself.

Uruz also represents the unfettered nature you now process. The Aurochs was never fully domesticated. While humans would try to yoke the beast our success at controlling it was limited at best. Those people, places and things that attempt to keep you 'captive' at this time will ultimately fail. Your greatest strength today is in your knowledge of the freedom to choose that is your birthright.

Uruz puts us on notice that a time of choice is at hand. You may choose to stay fettered to whatever limits you or, at this time, you may choose to simply walk away. Your strength lies in knowledge that you and you alone possess the proper perspective to choose your own path. If you are not comfortable with any situation right now you have the strength to choose. Choose to stay or choose to change the situation. Make it a choice and all resentment will leave you now.

Be clear that the choices you make today truly represent your path and allow you to express who you choose to be. In this manner we are assured our motivations are pure, our desire to live our life free of limitation is honored. Anyone who tries to block the path of the Aurochs chooses to put themselves in front of a tremendously powerful force. Do not fear your strength at this time. Makes your choices based solely on who you choose to be. The choices others make to limit your movement will utterly fail to impede your progress, the results of their choices are for them to deal with, not you.

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