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Daily Rune Pull August 16th, 2017 - Raidho

I would love to see this one more often. Today is the day to bring all your scattered energy back home. Be whole and be here, now. That is Today's message from the Runes.

Raidho is always packed full of great challenges and experiences, both mundane and Spiritual. Raidho represents both 'a journey' and 'The Journey'.

On the mundane, day to day level Raidho sets the energy for travel. This is a great day to just take off on a new adventure, leave familiar surroundings and experience something new. If there is somewhere you have been meaning to visit or travel, today is the perfect day to begin that journey. Have fun!!

On a Spiritual level Raidho speaks to The Journey and Communication. The Vikings were very clear that focusing excessively on the past or the future holds no benefit to our lives. The past is behind us, cannot be changed from this perspective and did not kill us. There is nothing that needs to be done in the past and nothing from the past may affect you now. If something is affecting you it is occurring now. The future is nothing less than fantasy. While some level of planning helps in certain areas of our mundane lives there is no advantage to trying to plan our Spiritual Journey; it comes as we create it. Nothing in the future can affect you now. If something is affecting you it is occurring now.

The Journey is right where you are now. The choices we make and the actions we take right now are the only things that affect our reality. Focusing your energy in the past or the future affects nothing except to drain you of energy now. And Now is the only time of power. Now is all there really is outside of memory and fantasy. Raidho teaches to remain focused in the moment, it is where everything is happening and where we define who we choose to be. So while you are on your adventure, as you move through the journey of this day bring your whole attention, all of your power into this moment. Then you will experience Life at its fullest. Your power will be with you now, not being wasted on regret and guilt(past) or anxiety and worry(future).

Release your hold on the past and the future and they will release their hold on you; leaving you fully empowered to truly Live today.

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