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Daily Rune Pull July 14th, 2017 ~ Ehwaz

Ehwaz represents progressive movement forward, the building of momentum and perseverance. The symbol itself represents the horse, or the vehicle of your progress.

You are not on this journey alone. Even though you know you create our own reality you do so in cooperation or in opposition to everything else. Ehwaz coaches you to be aware of all the 'angels' on your journey, that as you move forward you should stay aware of the help you receive along the way. Your path is filled with those who would support your journey. As you move through your day today stay aware of all the work others do, whether purposefully or unconsciously, that make your journey possible.

Ehwaz signifies progressive movement forward. Movement that always takes you closer to our goal, closer to completion. Do not go through your day today just holding space. This is a day for action, for focused intention and following through with plans previously made or new plans that appear in your experience right now. Do not move about today just to stay busy. Act with intention, focused on your goals. You will feel a satisfaction in what you do today if you make every action an expression of who you choose to be.

Today is a day of great accomplishment that will only come with your concentrated effort and appreciation of all the people, places and things that have worked together to get you where you are. A belief that you are 'in it alone' may serve to bolster ego, but it will sell short the incredible creation you are working towards by devaluing the efforts of all those who have helped along the way. Understand that every incident in your life, whether seen in the moment as 'good' or 'bad', is there to aid you on our journey if you but give the attention and gratitude necessary to receive the gift. Progressive movement forward is yours today, just accept and be grateful for the efforts of the horse.

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