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Daily Rune Pull June 9th, 2017- Algiz Merkstave

Today we have received Algiz Merkstave. Algiz is a Rune of protection. The ultimate protection of invulnerability for the Warrior, and the ultimate protection of Authenticity for the Spiritual Warrior. A reversal of this Rune does NOT portend danger, yet that may be what the Warrior and the Spiritual Warrior alike are sensing right now. The Merkstave position of this rune draws our attention to our own resistance, our insistence that things should be different than they are.

Do you find yourself in circumstances that are not as you planned? Does your environment suddenly appear hostile to you or your way of Being in the world? Do you feel attacked or blamed by people you see as opposed to what you believe? All of these things are circumstances outside of you and therefore by their very nature outside your control. Pushing against what is will surely cause it to push back.

So, what to do when we feel attacked, when our way of Being is in our perceptions attacked by others? The Warrior attacks first, eliminates the threat and reacts to every move he anticipates his enemy will make. Strike first says the warrior,lest you fall first. The Spiritual Warrior asks, Does this action I consider allow me to Be who I truly choose to Be? Do my thoughts, words and deeds illustrate my highest thought about myself?

When we receive Algiz Reversed we are put on notice that only our highest thoughts, only our Authentic Truth will keep us safe at this time. No matter how the circumstances we find ourselves in may challenge our resolve we must stand firm. Stand for what you truly believe is your highest choice, your most honest expression of who you choose to be. Then act. Act without apology and without hesitation.

Act in a manner than truly states who you know yourself to be and feel no need to explain your actions. The Spiritual Warrior walks the Soul's Path. Walk this path without fear, without apology and without hesitation. When we answer the question "Does this allow me to Be who I truly choose to Be" we determine Right Action from the perspective of the Soul, the Higher Self.

Do not resist the circumstances you find yourself in right now, accept what is, is. It is perfect for the choice you require of yourself, it is perfect to allow you be Be who you choose to Be. So choose, own it and act on it.

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