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Daily Rune Pull May 17th, 2017 - Thurisaz

Today we are given Thurisaz for our guidance. Thurisaz is a gateway Rune and second to last in the cycle Runes. When the energy of Thurisaz enters our Life we have the opportunity for deep reflection that brings a new connection to Spirit.

However, before entering the gateway it is necessary to turn and look at the path that brought us to this point. It is important to look at the shadow as well; for what we do not own we cannot release. Our past thoughts, words and deeds may act as an anchor until we take full responsibility for the choices we have made. A victim cannot pass through this gateway.

Take this time to do the inner work needed to be free of past events or actions that hold guilt or remorse for you. These emotions do not serve your growth. Literally, Thurisaz represents the God Thor and his opponents the frost giants or monsters. Thor defended the basic goodness of humanity against the 'evils' of those monsters. The monsters are our shadow.

Once the anchors of regret and guilt are removed you will be free to step through the gateway to a new and greater connection to Spirit. When the choice to move forward is made there is no returning; the door of the gateway only opens one way.

It is a liberation from our own self inflicted bondage and no less than a victory of the Spirit. These are momentous times for you. In your daily life look for opportunities to advance in whatever you do. Be open and honest about the choices that brought you to this place. When you have released false guilt move through the gateway to your new future.

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