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Daily Rune Pull May 12th, 2017 - Laguz

Today will bring you ample opportunity to choose your Path based on what feels right. Intellect alone will not serve us today.Today I pulled Laguz to the question, 'What message do all the people who will see this need to hear today'? Laguz represents Flow, Emotion, Water and that which conducts.

As you go about your day today remain acutely aware of how you feel in any given situation. Many of us use our intellect to make our 'living', but today the intellect itself is insufficient to allow us to stay on our paths. Today we need to pay heed to how we feel regarding any situation. Does something make you uncomfortable, give you a bad feeling? Then DO NOT do that today! It does not matter today what you think about a thing, guidance comes from how you feel about it.

Laguz teaches us to honor our integrity, to pay attention to our emotions and trust that our inner guidance has it handled. If we just stay out of the way, feel our way through this day and allow ourselves to 'go with the flow', everything we do will be in our favor today.

Laguz teaches us to live authentically, to always speak our truth and to let things go as they will as a result of our truth being spoken. In this manner we draw to ourselves those who truly support us and Love us for who we choose to be, not for what they imagine we may provide for them. We draw to us people, places and things that are a match for who we choose to be. Speak your truth today and get out of the way.

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