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Daily Rune Pull March 2nd, 2017 - Perth Merkstave

Perth is the Rune of the initiate, of chance and new cycles beginning. It is the Phoenix, experienced. When Perth is drawn in a reversed position expect some very dramatic challenges in your path today. Do not see this as a reversal of opportunity, it is anything but that. The challenges we face today are not dramatic due to their difficulty, but due to our habit of always dealing with things in the same manner we have dealt with similar challenges in the past.

All that will get us is the same pattern repeating over and over again. Perth reversed urges us to release old ways of being and thinking to allow new growth to occur in a more natural manner. It is time to release old patterns and today is just the day to do so.

Understand that the challenges before us today require new thinking and a new way of being truer to our nature than we have brought to bear in the past. Feelings of being overwhelmed our confused or challenged beyond your means is simply due to looking at things the same way we always have. This is a time of new energy, new solutions and new experiences. Let go of your back-story, it is no longer sufficient to fund the future you are creating.

Take up the mantle of the initiate, the one who has been chosen to move forward by those who truly are Masters. Trust that you have all the strength, determination and skill to succeed. What is lacking is the wisdom that comes from experience. This is your time to grow and expand. Do not fear the vagaries of chance, you are so very worthy of joy and success. Fear has no place here, now. Allow. Allow today to be what it is, not what you need it to be to remain in control.

Control is an illusion, everything changes whether we feel it is the right time or not. It is always the perfect time for whatever is occurring, we simply need to allow our creations to come into our present without predetermined outcomes. Let it be today and look honestly at the challenges you face. It is time for new solutions that will stop the cyclic nature of the problems we have all faced for so long. Freedom is at hand if you but allow it to be.

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