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Daily Rune Pull January 27th, 2017 - Nauthiz

Nauthiz describes the patience needed to change the momentum in our lives from previous choices made. What you resist, persists. Do not fight what is today, it will only make the day seem longer.

Today we are given Nauthiz to consider as we meet each situation that we have drawn to ourselves. Nauthiz represents Necessity, Constraint and sometimes Pain. Do not let this seem foreboding to you, for Nauthiz makes it possible to recognize our Shadow. Nauthiz teaches us the necessity of learning from the Constraints we have created to our Path; giving us advance warning that the results of our previous choices are now coming into play.

Walking the Path of the Soul is always, without fail, the path of least resistance. Suffering and discomfort are not the same thing. Discomfort is always temporary, suffering is the choice to resist that which we find uncomfortable. Nauthiz puts us on notice that suffering is the resistance to what is, acceptance of our 'constraints' is necessary to allow those things to pass. Struggle against the shadow only brings suffering as we stay focused on what we no longer prefer.

All constraint on our path is the result of leaving the path. Constraint, limitation, frustration and pain are all indicators that we are off the Path of the Soul. They are the early warning system we designed to let us know our previous choices were not truly in our best interest.

So as we move through the day today pay particular attention to the situations that appear to block your choices, that cause us to feel uncomfortable or restricted in our decisions. These are the moments that will actually bring the highest value to us today.

These are the moments where we are being given the opportunity to clearly decide what is working in our lives and what is not. When this clarity comes to you use that moment to clearly choose who you will be in relation to that which seems to limit or constrain you. Take the gift of Nauthiz and use it to become more than you were the moment before and move back to the Path of the Soul. You will know you are on the Path when your choices make you feel more than you were before, more empowered, happier, stronger and clearer than you were. If you do not have these feeling of empowerment you are not on The Path of the Soul.

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