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Daily Rune Pull January 16th, 2017 - Inguz

Today will bring you the opportunity to truly shine! Choose your path today with enthusiasm and joy, you are in the fullness of your power. Inguz is a Rune of fertility, abundance and verdant growth, of creativity and possibility.

When the energy of Inguz enters our lives we can be assured that rapid growth is on hand. The beginning of a cycle has come to its end and true growth and a maturing has arrived. Inguz is pregnant with possibility. Like any growth this is the time to tend to the details of a project, making sure to provide yourself with every resource you require for success.

This is not a time to hold back, but a time to move forward boldly. Understand that all we require is already within, it is up to us to allow our growth. Get out of your own way and release your attachment to outcomes. The outcome is already assured if we allow the process to continue without the limitations of our need for things to be a certain way.

The energy of Inguz is akin to that of the Moon. Soft, nurturing and always gentle but insistent, the emotion tied to this Rune cannot be ignored. As the presence of the moon draws up and releases the world’s oceans so the presence of Inguz in our lives will draw us upward in vibration. This is a day of feeling in sync with doing. All of your creations this day are for the purpose of raising your vibration and those with whom you make contact and interact. You are an energetic dynamo set to overdrive today.

Think about your creative outlets and the ability we have to create something where nothing existed before. Inguz alerts us to the reality of growth, the inevitability of change and the certainty of our own growth. The Acorn holds everything it requires to be a giant Oak as we hold from the very beginning, everything we need to become who we are. The time of beginnings is over, it is time to step into the fullness of your Being and show the World your splendor.

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