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Daily Rune Pull - January 12th, 2017 - Othela

A time of ending is always a time of new beginnings. Othela is the Rune of separation, inheritance and the death of what no longer serves The Path of the Soul.

Othela brings opportunity for separation from old ways of being, outmoded thoughts and ideas we hold about ourselves and our World. When Othela enters your Life it is time to release what no longer serves your path. The parting that follows the arrival of Othela is often thought of as a death, an ending of a cyclic pattern so profound as to be seen as a death. The separation that occurs with the assistance of Othela is never reversed, hence the idea of a death. Something that is never to return. What you release today is gone and cannot ever reappear in your experience. Othela is a liberation that is complete.

Sometimes, the battles we choose cannot be won in the manner we first believed, and this often calls for a retreat from conflict. As long as we stay engaged in any conflict there can be no release from that conflict. As long as we remain focused on our discomfort and pain it will remain the focus of our lives. As we leave any negative emotion or thought of ourselves behind, know that it takes great courage to walk away from something that has been a major part of our ideas about ourselves.

After we release what no longer serves us, after we experience the death of thoughts that anchor us to pain, we receive the inheritance granted by Othela. An inheritance is not received for what we have done in Life, but is a birthright due to who we are in Life. When you release a part of yourself that is no longer serving the Path of the Soul you make room for gifts from Spirit, your inheritance in Spirituality, your birthright in this existence.

Today is the perfect day to release what holds you back so that you may make room for your true gifts. The veil between this Life and Divinity is very thin right now. It is the perfect time to make room within for the new creation you are to become.

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