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Daily Rune Pull January 2nd, 2017 - Gebo

Remember, we are never alone on the Path of the Soul, sometimes we simply forget who we truly are. Gebo is both a Gift from God and a Partnership.

You will not be alone when you walk your path today. The Runes have brought us Gebo, the rune of Partnership and of balance is a gift to all who recognize it. Gebo does not speak of any type of relationship except those relationships that are true partnerships. A partnership as described by Gebo is a relationship that is in balance, all members of the relationship are completely equal in all respects. With Partnership there is no dominance or subservience, no secrets or manipulation of any kind. Authentic transparency is what Gebo calls for today.

As we move through our day we may recognize relationships of many kinds. We do not live in this world alone, in a bubble that keeps us apart from others. Today take a moment to look at the many relationships we have in every area of our lives. Look to see if those relationships are or can be a partnership. In partnerships all parties involved are invested in and committed to the success of the relationship, the partnership. Are our relationships true partnerships in whatever function that relationship serves, or is there the need for dominance and control or drama and manipulation?

If we always move toward partnership in a relationship you will quickly see when that relationship becomes unbalanced. Open, honest communication regarding our desires about our relationships is essential to the health and growth of a partnership. True partnership with the Self, with those we encounter, with the Divine is a gift without equal. Authentic Transparency is the Gift of Gebo. From that place partnership is the Gift we receive that is like no other

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