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Daily Rune Pull December 30th, 2016 - Algiz

Whenever Algiz makes an appearance in our lives we are put on notice: only true authenticity will benefit us this day.

The protection of the physical warrior brought by Algiz is that of being indomitable, an unerring aim, victory in all battles, the inability to come to harm. Vikings would carve this Rune into their shields before battle or onto their bodies to be forever protected by Algiz. If you are facing physical challenges in your Life right now make use of Algiz, there is no more powerful protection for the physical warrior.

The protection given to the Spiritual Warrior is of a wholly different nature. When we walk the Path of the Soul there is no possibility of harm as the Universe must serve our needs without fail. As the Spiritual Warrior is one who makes all choices based on Right Action and as Right Action is defined as that which serves the Soul's purpose, the Spiritual Warrior receives the protection of Algiz when we follow the Path of the Soul. Determining Right Action is as simple as answering a single question with a yes or no answer: Does this choice (thought, word or deed) allow me to be who I choose to be?

Ask yourself this question whenever you can remember to do so, today and every day going forward. Algiz serves to remind us that the only true path in this Life is to always Be who we choose. To Be true to our nature, true to our path and to always and in all ways speak our Truth. Today is not the day to compromise your Truth. Live into it and no harm, nothing less than perfection will be drawn into your experience. No apologies and no explanation are due any Soul when we walk our Path truly. You never need to compromise your Truth.

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