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Daily Rune Pull December 8th, 2016 - Isa

Patience my friends. Today we have been given the Rune Isa to consider. Isa is a Rune of ice, of non-motion. Isa is the winter of a cycle.

This is not the time to start a new project, wait just a bit longer there is more you need to know. Today would be a good day to spend some time in solitude, not looking to others for assistance or even for company. Isa brings a time of reflection and inner-work.

Winter is the season of ice. In winter animals hibernate and people spend more time indoors than out. Take this day to spend some time 'inside'. use this time to look in all the little nooks and crannies where shadows dwell, and bring your Light with you. Isa brings a time of healing, of rest, regeneration and preparation for growth. The time of waiting is on us and it will do no good to be impatient. Winter ends when it ends and there is little to do about it.

Practice acceptance at this time. Things are the way they are and our interference is not needed or helpful. As one cycle ends another begins whether or not we accept the results of our previous creations. Do not seek help from others, this is the time to go within for the answers you seek. Rest, breathe and be happy in the knowing that all is well and as it should be. Your Spring is almost here. Now is the time of gaining Strength , Knowledge and Wisdom. Your time to act comes soon.

There are times when it seems this Rune pops up more than we would like. Take this as a sign that all your hard work was never required, it was never demanded and it is not necessary for you to be happy, successful or Loved. Wait on the completion you seek and do not spend today "doing", it is not the time for that. Today just sit back and spend the day inside, inside you, inside your thoughts and inside a nice warm haven if need be. This is a day of rest and rejuvenation, not labor. Enjoy the rest you may have today as a time of rapid growth is fast approaching.

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