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Daily Rune Pull December 2nd, 2016 - Hagalaz

Today we will have the opportunity to release from our experience that which no longer serves our path. Do not cling today, allow that which is leaving to leave.

Hagalaz represents disruption in our lives. The intensity of that disruption is directly proportional to our resistance to the changes brought by Hagalaz. The most literal meaning of Hagalaz is that of Hail. Specifically the epic hail storms that would upon occasion batter the Norse environment. These storms often came following the Fall harvests. These storms could be so intense as to strip the forests bare and pulverize all that remained in the fields. While this act of nature is sometimes misunderstood as a punishment or the negative result of some action the reality of Hagalaz could not be further from the truth.

The disruption brought by Hagalaz is a necessary component to releasing what no longer serves us. The chaos and disruption brought by Hagalaz functions as a tool to remove obstacles and anchors to our Spiritual growth. It is needed due to our refusal to release those things; our stubborn clinging to people, places or things that were useful to us in the past but now serve only as anchors the Ego uses to keep us from entering uncharted waters.

Hagalaz is saying that today is the perfect opportunity to remove ourselves from the chaos and disruption without judgment; it makes no sense to blame the storm for it's existence. When conditions like this exist on the sea's (water, emotion) the fishermen stay indoors and repair the nets. Take care at this time to do the inner work required that will allow you to release all resistance to what is, so that you may choose to move forward when the storm passes. Everything happening in your Life right now is to help you move forward, to provide the motivation necessary for growth and to release old ways of being, of thinking and acting that may have been appropriate to get you this far but are no longer capable of funding your future. It is time to let old habits and beliefs fade so new growth may occur. The harder we resist, the more intense the action of Hagalaz.

Change is inevitable and resistance to change will only draw suffering into our experience. The less we resist, the less we demand something be a certain way the less we suffer change and then have the energy to embrace and Love Life.

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