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DailyRune Pull November 22nd, 2016 - Fehu

Fehu is the Rune of Possessions and Abundance and Nourishment. The Vikings were very clear on the advantages of having 'both feet firmly on the ground'. In this case that refers to a balance between the mundane physical world and the Spiritual World.

There is no doubt Fehu represents material gain, rewards received for the hard work and effort you have put into increasing your material well being.

Many of us have been taught that to be rich in Spirit we must discard all concern for worldly things. This is not the whole Truth. We came to this World to be Spiritual Beings having a physical experience. All aspects of the physical experience are meant for us, including abundance in material wealth. Spirit and the physical may exist here as One.

With Fehu active in your Life expect opportunities for tremendous gains in all the areas of Life that hold the most value for you. Do not allow old ways of thinking to continue as the guide for your future. We may all enjoy abundance in our lives if we release our old ideas and the beliefs that have limited us.

While Fehu always hearkens to an increase in material wealth and comfort, it is no less indicative of great Spiritual gains. Today will also bring you ample opportunity to make use of your Spiritual wealth to help bring others to a place of abundance. The greatest indicator of true wealth, both material and Spiritual, is the extent to which we share what we have with those who do not. Generosity and compassion are signs of true abundance, for we know there is not a limit to the gifts of Spirit.

So today share your abundance whenever the opportunity arises. You will be sending the message that you have an ample supply of whatever it is you value most. Generosity also displays the gratitude we have for the blessings we have received.While Fehu is a harbinger of abundance be careful not to frivolously throw away your good fortune. We are more able to receive when we are careful stewards of the gifts of and from Spirit. There is no shortage of blessings in our lives today. Show gratitude and generosity in all you do today and that 'wealth' will be returned to you in Abundance.

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