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Group readings, or “Rune Parties” are a unique and interesting type of get together for a small group of friends and even co-workers to come together and share a bonding experience.  Rune parties usually include from six to eight people. This allows each participant to receive a full reading without the need for an excessively long wait time. Each reading will take between 20 to 30 minutes to complete. The reading portion of the party will take around 4 hours with 8 people receiving a reading.  Each reading is $30.  There is a minimum of 5 people.

There are two types of Rune readings that are most often used for a group setting.​​

  • Individual questions: A short 3 Rune pull that discusses a single question or issue regarding Right Action. There is usually sufficient time to cover two or three issues.

  • Rune Life Path® readings: The Rune Life Path® reading is a general reading that describes, from the perspective of the recipients own Soul, Right Action in their lives at this specific time.​

Group readings are also appropriate for business or social groups to host when a group project or process is being planned. Using the Oracular power of the Runes to help understand the progression of a project or the interaction of individual members within a group often results in increased clarity within the group and a renewed focus of common goals.

Whatever your reason for bringing together friends, family or co-workers around the common experience of a group Rune reading to may rest assured each person will have a unique and heartening experience. And of course, the hostess/host receives their reading for free as my way of saying “Thank you” for the opportunity to take part in their event.

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