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The Empathic Empowerment Training workshop is intended for anybody who is an Empath, regardless of the level of sensitivity the individual experiences. Most of us may not even realize how empathic we really are; we learn to Be in a certain way and believe everybody else does as well. During the workshop, we reimagine our connection to our environment of what it means to be in communion with all of creation. As empaths, most of what we have ever felt or thought was never ours, to begin with. Illnesses, disease, stress, anxiety, and on and on are energies that others are experiencing that we are unaware we are aware of. The Empath tends to internalize all of this as if it is theirs. This causes us a whole host of health issues and emotional issues we try to deal with that aren't ours, so we are stuck with them.

As Empaths, we often feel at the mercy of other people’s experiences’, energies, and emotions. Do you keep feeling everyone else’s dramas as your traumas? Are you ready to become the master of your Destiny, the conductor of your own life?

Then this workshop is exactly what you require! You will learn and experience techniques and processes to become aware of the energy around you and learn to direct, receive, and allow everything to flow around and through your experience. You will learn to thrive without the overwhelm and exhaustion from which Empaths often hide. Let this be the start of a whole new way of Being you.


After the workshop, participants will be able to:


  • Move around and through social situations with ease.


  • Possess the tools and techniques to alter the energy in whatever space you find yourself.


  • Use your body’s awareness of your environment to navigate around or through intense situations without the need to react or avoid people, places, or things you previously feared.


  • Know that you are always at choice and never again feel like a victim.








At this time, Empathic Empowerment Training®  workshops and classes are available as remote learning experiences via Zoom.


If your schedule does not line up with the days we have this event scheduled; we offer On-Demand workshops to fit your calendar.

This class is being offered online until further notice.  A Zoom link will be sent in your confirmation email when you register for the class.  I hope to see you online!



Not a problem!  Rian also offers this course on demand so you don't have to miss out.  A two person minimum is required so recruit a friend to share the experience.

Questions?  Contact Rian for more information here.

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