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What is the Energetic Facelift?


The Access Consciousness Energetic Facelift® is a gentle, non-invasive energetic healing technique that rejuvenates the face and neck area and reverses the appearance of aging as we've come to expect, and accept, aging to appear to us.

No invasive medical procedures, no injections of toxins, no drugs! How does it get better than this?


People who have received this process have also reported some other effects like more energy, stability, and clarity.                           


What great side effects!

What have clients reported?

  • A reduction of lines and wrinkles

  • Improvements in eyesight

  • Increased facial muscle firmness and tone

  • Overall increase in skin elasticity

  • Healing and elimination of scars

  • Skin appears healthier and more vibrant

What do I give up?

  • There are NO invasive medical procedures or surgery.

  • There are NO injections, peels, or drugs.

  • There are NO products, creams, oils to buy.

  • There are NO long recovery periods

  • There are NO facial exercises that you must complete.

  • This is NOT a medical procedure and we are not doctors. We do not accept medical insurance.

Want to know more?


Would you like to learn about this process from the founder of Access Consciousness, Gary Douglas? Just take a short break and watch the video.

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