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How Much Change are you Willing to Choose?



Experience Rian’s unique empathic healing abilities! Rian will listen to your concerns to determine the best way to help you. As he experiences your energy, he will direct the healing to the areas that most need it. 


Learn what Rian has to offer!


Why was I born? What is my vocation? What is my destiny?

A Rune Reading can provide answers to these questions and more!


Find out how the Runes can help you.


What if learning something new changed your whole life? Rian specializes in classes to help empaths overcome their challenges and thrive! In addition, Classes will be scheduled soon for Usui Reiki levels I, II, and Master Level.

View Rian’s classes and events.

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About Rian

Rian Dean is an Empathic Energy Healer, Teacher, Reader, and Empowerment Coach focused on facilitating his clients to create any change in their own lives they choose.

Over the years Rian has gained knowledge and experience from learning and employing multiple energy healing modalities to assist his clients in creating greater health, wealth, and Joy in their lives. Empathic Energy Healing is a synthesis of Rian's lifetime of exploration and seemingly endless curiosity. 

Rian has come to understand that we are no longer required to view the world through the lens of survival, instead creating the experience of thrival. A level of wellness that far surpasses what we have previously been taught to believe is possible!

Our Location

Rian's office is in a new location.

All appointments will now be booked through Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness.  

Stella Luna Counseling and Wellness

17951 Jefferson Park Rd. • Suite 100

 Middleburg Hts. Ohio44130

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